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Yao Lab Publications

Melin*, J., Lee*, A. I., Foygel, K., Leong, D. E., Quake, S. R., Yao, M.W.M. (2009). In vitro embryo development in defined, sub-microliter volumes. Dev. Dyn. (*Shared first co-authorship.)

Jun*, S., Choi*, B., Westphal, L., Behr, B., Reijo Pera, R.A., Wong, W.H., Yao, M.W.M.  (2008). Defining human embryo phenotypes by cohort-specific prognostic factors. PLoS ONE 3(7), e2562. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0002562(*Shared first co-authorship.)

Foygel, K., Jun, S., Leong, D., Choi, B., Lee, A., Kharsa, Z., Khee, R., Reijo Pera, R.A., Wong, W.H., Yao, M.W.M. A novel and critical role for Oct4 as a regulator of the maternal-embryonic transition. (2008). PLoS ONE 3(12), e4109. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0004109

Burney, R., Lee, A., Leong, D., Hahn, A., Jones, J., Meyer, T., Yao, M.W.M.  (2007).  A transgenic mouse model for high content, cell cycle phenotype screening.  Cell Cycle 6(18), 2276-83.

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